A Word on Pricing

Addressing the elephant in the room

Jan 14, 2024

Hello, PeakHour community!

I want to begin by extending a heartfelt thank you to everyone in our community. The response to PeakHour 5 has been amazing, and I am deeply grateful for the enthusiasm and support you've shown. Your feedback and engagement have been instrumental in shaping what PeakHour has become, and what it will be in the future.

Developing PeakHour 5 has been a labor of love, representing thousands of hours of work spread over several years. It's important to note that PeakHour isn't a mass-market app. Our user base is relatively small and niche, comprised mainly of technologists and data enthusiasts who value optimization and detailed insights.

Why a Subscription Model?

Now, to address the crucial question: Why transition to a subscription model? Sustainability is the keyword here. The continuous development and maintenance required for an app like PeakHour – from updating features and ensuring macOS compatibility to supporting users and innovating new features – demand a consistent and reliable resource stream. This level of dedication is challenging to maintain with a one-time purchase model.

A subscription model brings in a recurring revenue flow, essential not just for keeping our operations afloat but for enhancing PeakHour's capabilities. Our goal is to continually improve the app, ensuring it remains at the forefront of technology.

Balancing Value and Cost

In determining our subscription pricing, we've struck a careful balance to ensure fairness and sustainability for us and affordability for you. Compared to other professional apps, PeakHour's subscription cost is extremely reasonable. It's an investment in a tool that goes beyond utility – it's a professional-grade application for those who need in-depth network performance insights.

Catering to a Specialized Audience

PeakHour has always been designed for a specific audience – professionals and enthusiasts who demand comprehensive, real-time data. This focus means that while we may not cater to the mass market, we provide immense value to those who rely on our app for detailed network analysis.

Commitment to Improvement

Every subscription directly contributes to improving PeakHour. We're talking about more than just routine updates here. Our vision includes new features, enhanced user experiences, and better overall performance. Your support is vital in bringing this ambitious roadmap to life.

Transitioning to a subscription model is a step towards ensuring that PeakHour can continue to grow and evolve. We appreciate your understanding and support as we embark on this exciting new chapter. Your trust in us is the driving force behind our commitment to making PeakHour the best it can be.

Thank you for being a vital part of our journey.

Warm regards,